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Comprehensive Forklift Training in Ottawa/Eastern Ontario

If you review other training firms in the region regarding lift trucks, you will notice that they provide safety training on a wide gamut of applications.  Forklifts, transportation of dangerous goods, WHIMS, fall arrest and other services.  NOT US, Ideal Forklift Training (OTTAWA) has been offering the most comprehensive, in-depth, and complete forklift training sessions in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario and only provide lift truck safety training and NOTHING ELSE.  That is where our specialty lies. We have 22+ years of forklift training experience and provide services to government and businesses. Trainings are conducted 24/7 on-site. We also provide original training certificates, laminated digital photo-ID permits and the finest Records of Training. We teach, educate and train.  And we do so like no other. SIMPLE! We teach safe forklift operations and conduct lift truck safety training for all seven classes and subclasses of powered industrial lift trucks, scissor lift, and man-up trucks, throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Our rates are competitive, especially when you consider the quality of the training, testing, and post-course paperwork we deliver.


Ideal Forklift Training (Ottawa, Eastern Ontario) is not the largest lift truck safety training firm, however, we are the leaders.  And we are respected by all who hire on our services. We are very well regarded by those  in the industry worldwide. We offer the most comprehensive in-depth training, and we do so properly, objectively, sincerely, and professionally.  This is all we do.  No other safety training other than on powered industrial lift trucks.  That is our specialty, for almost 23 years! We teach safety and effectiveness, and always do it on-site.  Although the business is ultimately responsible to ensure that there forklfit operators are indeed competent, we, as professionals in the industry, make that judgement on your behalf.  We do not pass just to simply pass.  Staff must prove that they are competent to us and we make the call for you. DUE DILIGENCE! PowerPoint presentations for each and every class and subclass of lift truck, written tests for each and every class and subclass of lift truck, manuals for each and every class and subclass of lift truck, and watch every single stuident operate the lift truck.  No open book tests, no instructor assisted tests.  And no group tests.  Definitely, NO IRRELEVANT ONLINE COURSES. We come to you, wherever you may be in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. We do everything to ensure that your staff are trained properly, and lawfully.  We do our due diligence to ensure that your staff are properly trained. Safety is what its all about.

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For businesses and government only!

On-site! 24/7! All types of lift trucks! Theory and practical.

Forklift Training is the LAW!

Proper Forklift Training is YOUR Responsibility!

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for the absolute finest forklift training you can provide your staff, and we are very competitvely priced as well.

22+ years forklift training specialist!  Very experienced lift truck training specialist

Concientious Training - No shortcuts

Professional documentation

Complete lift truck training



  • Absolutely the finest training available, guaranteed! Not all training is the same!
  • On-site 24/7
  • Theory and practical, written and driving testing
  • Complete training on your class(es) of lift truck(s)
  • Full day in most instances
  • Finest manuals, and reports to management
  • All original documentation, no pdfs or emails
  • Thousands trained.  Zero incidents!!!!
  • Competitve pricing
  • Check out all of our 5 ratings and reviews on Google and Facebook

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