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Professional Forklift Training Courses in Ottawa/Eastern Ontario for Businesses and Government



Ideal Forklift Training (Ottawa) train specifically on the lift trucks that your staff is required to operate. We deliver classroom-type theory, and practical session.. Nothing goes amiss during our training sessions. Contact us for your customized forklift course in Ottawa/Eastern Ontario. All of our presentations are simplified so anyone can understand the content and our manuals are some of the best in the business.

This ticket is earned and not simply handed out.  The Ministry of Labour states that operators must be trained and deemed competent to use your lift trucks. This is the ticket to long life.  We do not sell these.  These have to be earned. Through proper training, written testing and practical testing, we evaluate each person's competency, and if successful, we gladly issue these permits to your deserving staff.

We provide our thorough forklift training in Ottawa and throughout Eastern Ontario including Cornwall, Brockville, Kingston, Pembroke, Renfrew, Arnprior, Smiths Falls, Perth, Hawkesbury and all points in-between, and beyond.


We do not provide online training for businesses and other institutions. Instead, we come to your site in order to train your staff on your equipment, in person. Our lift truck training specialists are highly experienced and have been doing this for 22+ years. Not only training, we also provide the finest post-course paperwork within a couple of days upon successful completion of the course, and hand deliver or mail the original documents, and not pdfs of certificates and permits for you to print.. As an employer, you can be rest assured that when an employee walks through your door with one of our forklift permits, they have been well-trained and thoroughly tested, both in the classroom and on the lift trucks.

Our professional services are available anywhere in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We do train in Montreal and Toronto, and will travel anywhere our valued services are required. We provide on-site training 24/7.


              Businesses and Government Accounts

  •             We train your staff specifically your lift trucks and teach them how to operate. Each program has a separate presentation, test, and              manual specific to the lift trucks.

  •              We provide digital photo-identification cards, wall certificates, and a complete record of training for management within a                   couple of days after completing the program.

  •             We provide training for businesses in all areas mentioned below and anywhere in between:

                 Ottawa to Arnprior and points West
                 Ottawa to Rockland and points East
Ottawa to Kemptville and points South

The following are the features of our training program:

  • We educate your staff to operate specific lift trucks that are used in your company. Every test, presentation, and manual is particularly applicable to the lift trucks your staff needs to be trained upon.

  • We abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, The CSA Guidelines (CSA B-335), Canada Labour Code, and ANSI regulations.

  • Our program is designed to cover all aspects of safe forklift operations and we ensure your staff understands all regulations.

  • Within a couple of days after the course, we provide the finest post-course paperwork, digital photo-identification cards (the first in Canada), official wall certificates, and a complete record of training for the management.  We sign-off on the permits and certificates and not the employee or employer, as on-line courses have you do.  AND WE WATCH THE STAFF OPERATE THE LIFT TRUCKS. Something that on-line courses cannot provide.

  • We specialize in training for lift truck operations. Besides fall restraint and aerial lift platforms, we do not provide other types of training.

  • Ideal Forklift Training has the experience required to offer training programs. If you are seeking safe and efficient lift truck training programs, get in touch with us today. We train onsite 24/7.

  • We offer professional training programs anywhere in Eastern Ontario. We also conduct training programs anywhere our high quality services are required

  • We have self-designed handbooks, presentations, and tests.

  • Our training program is designed in such a way that anyone can easily understand the content.

  • We have been using PowerPoint presentations for training since 2001.

  • We do not entertain third-party products and we self-design our training modules for maximum effectiveness and safety.

  • We have trained thousands of operaters  over the years.

  • We are extremely proud of setting a record of having zero incidents in the workplace.

  • We acutally teach and educate!  Complete propane and battery instruction unlike no others.

Train-The-Trainer (TTT)

We believe that an in-house trainer needs to spend more time in the classroom learning the necessary skills than a trainee. While others may train an in-house trainer in less than a day, our courses can take as long as a week, with homework!


Contact Danny Maron at 613-739-1816 today for a quote tailored to your specific training needs!

Get in Touch With Us 

Businesses and government please contact Danny Maron or 613 739 1816

If you have any questions regarding our courses or any query, simply fill out the e-form and we will get back to you.  Individuals only below!



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