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Customer Reviews

Ideal Forklift Training (OTTAWA) has been providing top-quality theory and practical forklift training sessions in Ottawa. Read what people have to say about our comprehensive training courses.

Great Learning Experience

“Phenomenal training course, completely comprehensive and fully ideal for those learning or those refreshing, the gentlemen are passionate and very dedicated to ensure you know what you are doing and making sure you do it safely.

Of the plenty of courses I have done, by far this has to be the most preferred one yet for me. Danny is very passionate and will do everything in his power to ensure you understand what you’re doing with the forklift, and James is greatly skilled in instructing you how to use the forklift in a proper and safe manner.

Their obstacle course will definitely ensure you or your employees know how the forklift works and will surely help you and your employees know the dimensions and maneuvers of the machine without issue. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's the best way to learn!”
- Jason Y.

Convenient and Helpful

“Communication was excellent. From registering for the course, to in-class information, everything was laid out very well, and easy to understand. We were given plenty of time in the classroom to make sure that we understood the information, and plenty of time on the forklift itself learning to drive. It was a lot of fun and educational. Thanks fellas for the training!”

- Shawn W.

Knowledgeable Staff
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I just took the forklifting training 2 weeks ago not knowing anything about forklifts and never driving one. I just picked a course out of google not knowing that I had found one of the best courses I have ever been on. When it comes to using a forklift this is no toy and not knowing how to use one can cause tremendous damage and loss of life. After taking this 2 full day course I can say I have a respect for forklift drivers I never had before and the responsibility that comes with driving one. I can also drive one safely and perform tasks necessary to start using one immediately.
The instructor Danny is a gifted teacher and has his own style of teaching that is unheard of in this day and age. He cares, and with that comes the responsibility to teach you how to drive and not only that with safety in mind and looking after the product you are lifting so it is delivered correctly. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a job in this industry and if you can't pass this course it might not be the career for you and that's okay for driving a forklift is not for everyone. At least by the time you are done with this course you will know. Thanks for a great weekend guys it will be one I never will forget.

-Sam L.

Best Training

“I am 37 years old, a teacher of Physics and Mathematics. This training was the best training I have ever had. During the first day, we had all the theory courses, Danny was the greatest one! Second day was really hard for instructors. Danny and James worked a lot under the sun to teach us. After 12, Aaron joined us as an assistant. They were all great! They were all really helpful. It is an honor, being trained by them. Thank you very much, guys! I got it.”
- Efe B.

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